Hey, out there!  My name is Jason Unrath.  I’m just a regular guy with goals and ambitions same as any other person in this world.  I grew up in Levittown, PA and spent the first 23 years of my life there.  I graduated from Pennsbury High School in 2007.  I then moved on to Shippensburg University where I earned my B.S in Chemistry in 2011.  I’m now working as a biochemist at Merck via Eurofins Lancaster Laboratories, Inc.  My family in Levittown, and beyond, mean the world to me.  They’s always been supremely supportive of everything I’ve every done or tried to do.  I really don’t know where I’d be without them.  I also feel truly grateful that many of the friends I’ve made along the way have continued to be important staples in my life, even though I don’t get to see a lot them very often anymore.  I just recently bought my first house in Collegeville, PA.  I’ve had a terrific time getting adjusted to my new surroundings over past few months.  I attribute this my good friend, and roommate, Sully, who is originally from this area and has taken it upon himself to help me make new friends.  Another important person is my wonderful girlfriend, Cassie, who (thankfully) never even bats an eye at the idea of having to drive an hour and brave the turnpike to come see me.

So anyway, why am I writing this?  I’ve never been much of a writer at any point in my life.  Why start now?  What purpose will this blog serve?  Well, I’ve recently taken up running as a hobby.  I run at least 4 days a week now.  My thought for this blog is that I would write about my running.  I could look back on these posts to help myself figure out what things work for me and what things don’t work for me as I’m training for a race.  I’ll write about various thoughts I have as I’m running through the streets and trails of the greater Philadelphia area.  I’ll write about any journeys I may take to run races in other cities.  Really, this blog is centered around running and anything I might associate with that.  Since I’m also a very enthusiastic ultimate frisbee player, “anything I might associate with that” definitely includes the great sport of Ultimate.  I played ultimate for two years in high school with the Pennsbury Pterodactyls and another four years in college with the Shippensburg Scapegoats.  Now, in my second year out of college, I’m still playing almost year round in various rec. leagues in the greater Philadelphia area with aspirations of getting into the Club Ultimate scene this upcoming season.

Anyway, back to the purpose of this blog.  This blog is not meant to tell people they need to run more, or to advocate running in any way.  I’m not trying to make it an outright goal of mine to inspire anyone to do the sort of things that I have done or want to do.  If I do end up inspiring you, then you’re welcome.  Please, tell me about it.  Inspiration works both ways.  It’s very circular.  Just knowing that I may have inspired someone to start something new is inspiration for me to keep going.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank anyone who may be reading this blog.  I encourage you all to post any comments you may have in response to my posts.  Whether it may be a question, criticism, suggestion, opinion, or whatever, I welcome the conversation.  I’ll apologize ahead of time if anyone finds this blog to be difficult to read, or “not reader friendly.”  I am a scientist.  I make a living writing scientific articles, and I’ve noticed over the years that a scientist doesn’t write the same way as, say, a journalist.  I’ll try to keep this storybook-esque, but no promises.  Happy reading!

This is me just after finishing my first half-marathon at the 2012 Baltimore Running Festival (13Oct2012)